3 Reasons Why Mollie Is The Best Payment Service Provider For Shopify

3 Reasons Why Mollie Is The Best Payment Service Provider For Shopify

Updated: 01-04-2020

Introduction to Payments

In the world of payment providers the customer truly is king. Nobody changes their payment method to buy from a particular business, it is the businesses and their providers that must fall in line with the preferences of the customer. And failure to do so will inevitably result in potential sales swiftly finding their way into another, more accommodating store.

For Shopify users it is absolutely critical to provide the most popular payment method for the target audience, and for those with international ambitions this will mean providing a number of different options as preference in method differs drastically from one nation to the next. For an introduction into payment preferences in some of the countries around the world, check out this guide from Adyen.


Why Mollie is the best in class

Clearly the best payment gateway for a Shopify store will be the one that accommodates the most payment options, giving businesses the opportunity to easily connect with the largest number of potential customers. At Ask Phill by far our favourite is the Amsterdam-based payment provider Mollie because of its easy-to-use payment solution that covers almost every payment method you can think of - from every major credit card company all the way through to bitcoin.


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Mollie Payment Service Provider for Shopify


For starters, having a base in Amsterdam means that Mollie understand the Dutch market. iDEAL is the most popular payment method for online transactions in the Netherlands by quite some distance - the research published by Adyen states that 60% of all online payments are completed through iDEAL with the remaining 40% being spread across 5 other methods. Nowhere else in Europe, however, is iDEAL used as a payment method and its relatively small popularity has resulted in payment gateways failing to include it in their options. Mollie is the only Shopify payment gateway that offers iDEAL as a payment option and as such for companies based in the Netherlands, or aiming to do business there, it is a must-have.


Integrating Mollie with Shopify (Plus)

Mollie is not a niche business that only caters to the Netherlands. Mollie is a comprehensive payment gateway offering an extensive list of both national and international payment options - any combination of which can be easily added to a Shopify webshop by following these simple steps:

1. Activate the payment method in Mollie - through the user dashboard Mollie users can find a list of all of the available payment methods which can be simply switched on. (Switching on a payment will give the Mollie user its API key, this will be needed in step 3.)

2. Add the payment method to the Shopify store - after activating in Mollie, users must add the same payment method to their Shopify store.

3. Activate the payment method in Shopify - once added users will be prompted to fill in their Mollie Partner ID and the API key they received in step 1. Mollie also provides a test API key so that users can test the functionality of the payment method before any money changes hands. No transaction fees are charged for test transactions.

If somewhere down the line the user needs to add a new payment method to their checkout, they can simply repeat these steps again for each method that is required. Adding extra payment methods doesn’t cost anything, there are no minimum transaction requirements and no fixed contract so everything can be cancelled absolutely anytime - the only payments businesses make to Mollie are the transaction fees of each payment method. It is this flexible, simple approach to payments that sets Mollie apart from other gateways.


The Mollie Checkout

The checkout is a very important stage of e-commerce. Of course it is the point at which the transaction takes place and businesses make their money, but in order for this to happen it is crucial that a customer feels safe and secure. When buying online it is easy for a customer to get spooked and begin thinking that perhaps everything is not as it should be - paranoia such as this usually ends in customers retreating to the brands and companies that are more familiar and make them feel safer.

Mollie understand this. They understand that the brand experience must extend right the way through the checkout phase, especially for smaller businesses that may appear more of a risk to customers simply because they are not as widely known. That is why Mollie users can add branding to their checkout - logos and wallpapers can be used to customise the checkout and make it a welcoming and familiar environment for the customers. It is attention to fine details like this that can make or break an e-commerce business, so working with partner companies that understand the value of such details is a great boost.


The Verdict

So now we have looked at 3 reasons why the team at Ask Phill think Mollie is the best gateway for payments on Shopify, but in case you missed them here’s a quick summary:

1. The list of payment methods available on Mollie is extensive. They are the only provider to offer iDEAL for Shopify, but also offer other major European payment methods (SOFORT, SEPA, Klarna etc) and worldwide payment methods (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal etc)

2. They are incredibly easy to integrate into any e-commerce webshop and offer a very simple package with no contracts or hidden costs.

3. They understand the e-commerce process and pay attention to very fine details, giving businesses the best chance to increase sales.

If you have any other questions about Mollie, payment gateways or e-commerce in general you can always drop the Ask Phill team a message!


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