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It’s a common scenario: thoughts of low overheads and minimal space requirements trickle into ideas of establishing a dropshipping business. From this preliminary stream flows a question - “Which e-commerce platform should I use to establish my dropshipping webshop?” - and subsidiary questions escape from its banks - “Which platform can provide contact with the best dropshipping suppliers?” “Which platform has the best dropshipping apps?” “Can my pre-existing webshop accommodate dropshipping as well?” A flood of searches follow, with a subsequent submersion of information and before long we have drifted well downstream of our starting point, somewhat lost without a paddle.

If the above sounds familiar then don’t panic, Ask Phill are here to throw the proverbial lifeline by means of a dedicated Shopify dropshipping guide. It’s no secret that we believe Shopify to be the best e-commerce platform available, and here we will detail why it is so adept at housing a dropshipping business model.

What is Dropshipping?

The Dropship Method by Oberlo

For those that have stumbled across this article in the hope of firstly discovering what dropshipping is, let’s briefly take a look at the business model. Dropshipping is the framework in which a customer buys a product from a business, the business subsequently orders the product from a supplier for a cheaper wholesale price and the supplier packages and delivers the product directly to the customer. The key benefit from the business point of view is that money does not need to be invested in stock or space to house stock - an entire business can be set up from as little as a laptop and a few contacts. For this privilege, however, a business must put all its faith in their supplier as they are ultimately responsible for delivering the correct product to the correct customer. Breakdowns in communication can be the cause of a lot of frustration and disappointment.

Dropshipping on Shopify

The e-commerce webshop is an essential feature of any dropshipping model because it acts as the vehicle of interaction between both the potential customer and the supplier. Hence choosing which e-commerce webshop platform to use is an important decision for any dropshipping business - it must be one that provides a professional and engaging online presence, whilst preferably providing contacts with the best dropshipping suppliers. Shopify does both.

Over 150 website templates are available to choose from that immediately give a webshop a professional and trustworthy air, with even the most minimal customisation. For those that are more tech savvy, each of these templates can be intricately customised using Shopify Liquid to produce truly unique results that customers will be unable to forget. Marketing tools such as SEO optimisation, review features, abandoned checkout recovery etc., work alongside these stunning designs both to ensure that the store is visible to as many people as possible, and that conversion rates are kept as high as possible. So as far as providing a professional and engaging online presence is concerned, Shopify is a platform like no other.

Dropshipping with Oberlo and Shopify

Oberlo is the exclusive Shopify dropshipping app which acts as the one stop shop for every dropshipping need, connecting businesses with suppliers and providing information about products to aid the decision making process. Its key feature is the product marketplace which allows users to browse through hundreds of trusted suppliers and seamlessly add products to their Shopify store. Further, alongside each product listed on Oberlo are comprehensive statistics detailing its potential performance and hence reducing the risk of investment.

One of the biggest drawbacks of dropshipping is that a business must entrust a 3rd party supplier with the most important stages in the fulfillment process - shipping products to the correct customers, ensuring that they arrive on time and in an acceptable state. If these steps are not completed correctly it is unlikely the disappointed customer will vent their frustration to the supplier, instead leaving the dropshipping business to clean up the mess. In a bid to overcome this Oberlo has created a list of the best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify. These Verified Suppliers are companies that have consistently provided the highest quality service over a sustained period of time. Rating suppliers in this way is a great extra feature because it provides greater peace of mind for a dropshipping business deciding who to trust.

Verified Suppliers for Dropshipping Shopify

Oberlo also gives Shopify dropshipping businesses the power to track every order they make with their suppliers, keeping them in the loop at every step of the process and aiding communication between the two parties. And for businesses that are already established but are looking to branch into dropshipping for a few products, Oberlo offers the feature of importing products that are already for sale. There is no need to create a new webshop from scratch simply to accommodate the dropshipping model, Oberlo can handle both.

So there we have it, Shopify's exclusive app  Oberlo provides everything required to incorporate the dropshipping model into a Shopify webshop. Features like listing the best suppliers, providing key statistics and information, and tracking all orders help to iron out any potential issues that may arise, and make dropshipping as straight forward as possible. If you have any further queries about dropshipping and Shopify, you can always drop us a message! 

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