Carine Roitfeld

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High-end design meets headless ecommerce

Ask Phill developed the Carine Roitfeld project as a headless ecommerce solution. This setup enabled us to create a true digital flagship store with the use of high quality images, video and animations without having to compromise on speed.

Through seven captivating fragrances personifying seven unforgettable lovers in seven iconic cities, Carine evokes the lifetime of adventure and sensuality that has guided her to the furthest reaches of the world. Seductive and emblematic like the men who inspired them, the fragrances symbolize her insatiable quest for romance, passion, experience and love.

Carine Roitfeld is a dreamer. The former Vogue Paris editor and founder of CR Fashion Book, has scratched every bare surface of fashion and is now on to her latest venture: fragrances.

Our headless ecommerce solution is based on Shopify, Prismic and Gatsby and enables the client to sell multi-market while using one Shopify backend. Besides that we've been able to sustain a high loading speed while using next-gen high quality media.

The design is loaded with animations, page transitions and smooth scrolling in order to add a feeling of luxury and experience to this high-end brand. commissioned us to developed the Roitfeld project. Design and art direction is created by

"It looks amazing, thank you again for all your hard work, what a beautiful platform we have We’re very proud of it and can’t recommend your teams enough." Matthieu Jalladaud Carine Roitfeld

We empower digital flagship stores

Carine Roitfeld's store is powered by headless Shopify ecommerce

To ensure an outstanding brand experience we decided to add a large amount of rich content. This usually results in lower site speeds and thus lower conversion. But working with a separate CMS for high quality media enabled us to sustain short loading speed

"I consider scent the most defining style signature, containing within each molecule the power of identity and the magic of seduction. I created each fragrance the same way I create a look, evoking fantasy, character and sensuality in each and every detail. As the notion of ambiguity attracts and inspires me, I designed a genderless collection of fragrances for those of us who dare to be desired." Carine Roitfeld Founder CarineRoitfeld

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