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Easywalker's digital flagship store built with a headless Shopify architecture

Together with the Easywalker team we've been able to successfully push the boundries of Shopify by creating a headless platform in combination with Contentful CMS.

City or mountain, forest or airport - Easywalker's strollers have versatility built into their seams. With comfort, compactness and ease-of-use at the foundation of their product design, you’ll understand why their strollers win awards.

Having that in mind we've created a versatile e-commerce platform which combines the best of both worlds. Shopify for e-commerce and Contentful for content management. The reason for this setup were the specific wishes of Easywalker's team to have a content rich digital flagship store with Augmented Reality possibilities. 

The strategy shift from retail oriented to Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) forced us to focus on experience, scaleability and performance during the project. 

Design by numbered.studio

Experience, scaleability and performance is key

For an D2C e-commerce platform to be successful it needs to excel in brand experience, platform performance and scaleability. By extending Shopify's functionalities with Contentful we were able to integrate Augmented Reality, 3D models, high resolution video and imagery.

"By adopting the headless e-commerce approach in combination with Shopify we are ready for future innovations. We're happy to see that we are the first stroller brand to incorporate Augmented Reality for some of our products.” Axel Augustinus E-commerce Director

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