Headless E-commerce on Shopify Plus

Learn how we empower Shopify brands to efficiently scale their business worldwide.

The future of e-commerce

We empower brands to build digital flagship stores using the latest development standards and architecture.

Headless e-commerce is the separation of front-end from back-end and the powering of each through separate technologies specifically designed for each purpose, to create a total optimisation of both systems.

We combine Shopify Plus, Contentful and Gatsby.JS to offer the most scalable, best performing and flexible e-commerce platform which enables your brand to stay ahead of the competition.

The main advantages of a Headless Shopify Plus setup are; efficient multi-language setup, performance improvements, optimised SEO structures, improved content management and front-end flexibility among others.

"We believe that bringing together the best SaaS solutions around enables us to create a platform greater than the sum of its parts." Paul Veen Tech Director @ Ask Phill

Shopify Plus

The most reliable e-commerce platform around

Never worry about updates, security or traffic spikes again. Shopify Plus got you covered. This is why we have chosen Shopify Plus as the backbone of their e-commerce setup.

In our headless setup we use the e-commerce power of Shopify Plus but relying on a separate best-in-class CMS to manage the content.

"Our Headless setup enables us to push the performance on our platform to the level we envisioned resulting in increasing conversions and revenue." Caspar Disselhof E-commerce Director @ STOX Energy

Contentful CMS

The content platform to create next level digital experiences

Shopify is an e-commerce platform and not a CMS. This is why we have chosen to connect Contentful as the headless CMS to our Shopify Plus setup.

Contentful let you control all of your content from a single hub in every language and any format. Next gen image formats, AR models and high resolution videos is their standard.

Previously we encountered content management issues when going international. Adding Contentful to our setup solved our multi-language issue and optimised our content management across all of our storefronts." Axel Augustinus E-commerce Director @ Easywalker


Fast in every way that matters

Gatsby is a free open source framework based on React that helps  our developers build blazing fast e-commerce platforms.

By using Gatsby we can build the fastest possible e-commerce platform. Instead of waiting to generate pages when requested, Gatsby pre-build pages and lift them into a global cloud of servers — ready to be delivered instantly to your users wherever they are.

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