Ilia Beauty

Breaking away from the conventions of natural beauty.

The beauty of the brand translated into the website

As an innovative beauty brand, it's important to translate your vision accurately online.

Ilia focuses on the visual aesthetic of every product they create. The ethical and sustainable approach of the company is embodied in each piece, and all Ilia products are housed in a recycled aluminium case which is both expertly designed and eco-friendly.

The quality of the product stands out as something unique in the beauty industry. Because of this, we needed to use an Ecommerce platform to reflect this uniqueness, as well as the brands vision for their future. Throughout the project, we ensured that the UI/UX was optimized to reflect the Ilia brand, including a clean and minimal design which functioned perfectly.

Similarly, we ensured that the shop was optimized for conversion and that all the marketing tools were successfully implemented to grow the online business of Ilia in Europe.

Mobile first in a mobile world

We developed the Ilia website with mobile first in mind to ensure the best experience for every customer. More than 75% of Ilia’s customers choose to visit the site on their mobile phone.

"We challenged ourselves to create an experience that would solve the limitation of displaying big imagery on small screens. This pushed away the obvious solutions and forced us to experiment more. Taking this challenge definitely lead us to a more unique end product.” Pieter Willem Slootweg Owner
"Beautiful brands deserve a beautiful e-commerce experience." Paul Veen Ask Phill

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