Revolutionizing the online brand experience

The digital flagship store

Ask Phill pushed the online shopping experience with the design and development of the online digital flagship store for “Jorik”, the new streetwear fashion brand of rap superstar Lil’ Kleine.

Jorik is a fashion label rooted in the current street culture. A lifestyle as much as it is a brand, Jorik takes inspiration from daily life, popular style icons and a man’s ultimate muse; his wife. resulting in an exclusive quality streetwear collection with an attitude.

Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and interests. Jorik mixes styles and designs, all in a sophisticated manner with an overall vision particular to now. From an alternative take on a box logo, references to a rock star lifestyle and limited goods executed in carefully selected quality materials only.

For this exclusive collection we’ve created an exclusive design and experience online. During this project we’ve ensured that the design is edgy, innovative and fashionable.

For this project we collaborated with for the design and the animations.

"A piece of high-end luxury and a chance to experience an icon lifestyle. That’s Jorik."

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