Replatforming MOX Studio from Magento to Shopify

The focus on functionality was also an important key pilar looking at the development of the website.

Functionality over design

MOX Studio is your go to partner for “out of the box” gifts, focusing on originality and uniqueness.

But their mission didn’t stop there. Through their continuous desire to expand our collection of unique gifts, they managed to create a wide variety of products – from witty modern artefacts to high end design, and from contemporary Brooklyn design to products with a touch of Italian style. Mox Studio always think of functionality as an important element of the gifts we import.

The focus on functionality was also an important key pilar looking at the development of the website. While consumers are looking for a real brand experience, retailers and other business are looking for a hassle free and efficient way of placing their order online. A perfect example of this efficiency is the “order list” feature where B2B clients are able to review and order products on one page without having to load different product pages.

MOX Studio contacted us to replatform his current webshop which was built on Magento. Like all other entrepreneurs, the owner of MOX, wanted to migrate his store fast without interrupting his ongoing business.

We’ve managed to migrate his store from Magento to Shopify within 2 months without any hassle. Besides that we’ve integrated “Exact Online” as the backbone of Shopify which continuously updates pricing, stock levels, client information and invoices.

Functionality over design

We've redesigned the traditional collection page to suite the needs of B2B clients.

Traditional webshops are designed for consumers, not for B2B clients. We've transformed the product collection page into a digital order sheet. As a result, the MOX Studio visitors do not need to open every single product page to place their order resulting in higher conversion rates and a higher average order value.

Integrating Exact Online with Shopify

Exact provides world class business software for Finance, ERP, HRM and CRM processes.

During this project we've fully integrated "Exact Online Handel" with Shopify. As a result of this custom integration, Exact has become the backbone for all the Shopify activities. Syncing customers, orders, inventory and prices in realtime.

"I contracted Ask Phill to migrate my B2B shop (+-1000 SKU's) from Magento to Shopify. The project involved a highly customized front-end according to my specifications and an extensive integration with my ERP system Exact. The project was delivered on time and according to my specifications." Bas Oranje Owner Mox Studio