Oscar & Jane

On top of the social selling game together with social influencer and TV personality Geraldine Kemper.

Oscar Jane

This young, hot and on-trend clothing brand designed by Geraldine Kemper provides the perfect outfits for summer festivals and youngsters celebrating life.

The team behind the television personality and influencer Geraldine Kemper contacted us with the request to build a mobile first e-commerce webshop focussed on selling her own clothing brand through Instagram.

The goal was to make a seamless shopping flow from her Instagram profile, to the Shopify store, then straight to the checkout. Our focus was creating a fast, mobile webshop which was connected to her Instagram. After implementing Instagram as a sales channel, it quickly became the main source of sales.

By utilizing the Instagram sales channel option it can easily become the main source of store traffic, but also of generated sales. With the native integration Shopify is offering to Instagram, shopping on Instagram has never been as seamless as now.

On top of the social selling game

With the focus on social selling and conversions, we successfully helped Oscar & Jane to build their business online. As a social influencer, launching a personal clothing line with an integrated Instagram store is a perfect way to monetise your following.

"They're professionals in Shopify and really know what they're doing. Everything was possible, and they've managed it very well." Geraldine Kemper Owner