A refreshing perfume subscription service

Redefining Shopify's borders

To revolutionise the way consumers explore and buy perfumes, changes had to be made to the Shopify platform.

The concept of Parfumado is simple: as a subscriber you’ll receive a 30-day supply of any designer fragrance for €14.95 a month. Every month you select the perfume you would like to receive.

The Parfumado team was already convinced that they wanted to use the Shopify platform, but due to their highly specific technical wishes, we had to find out if we could add these features to Shopify. During this project, we found out that Shopify has borders, but we were happy to move them to get the job done.

Instead of a traditional shopping cart, we created a perfume calendar which would allow customers to select the month in which they received a certain perfume. Besides that, we built an alternative checkout which integrates with Mollie and processes the recurring payments for Parfumado.

"Working with Ask Phill has been a great experience. The team has a very structured way of working and is a reliable partner. For our unique perfume subscription concept, we needed a lot of custom adjustments and coding. Ask Phill was able to bring our vision to reality and design a truly stunning platform." Martijn van Rooy CEO

Recurring payments with Mollie

Mollie provides an all-in-one payments platform, although a Shopify integration was not readily available.

During this project, we custom built and integrated Mollie payments into the Parfumado platform to manage recurring payments. We currently process more than 10.000 recurring payments on a monthly basis.

A cart, done differently

Instead of adding a product to your cart, you add it to your monthly calendar.

Instead of a traditional shopping cart, we decided to create a perfume calendar which allows clients to select a month in which to receive a certain perfume.

"This project has allowed us to show that the possibilities are endless with Shopify e-commerce CMS. Show us the borders of Shopify and we'll move them." Paul Veen Ask Phill

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