STOX Energy

Going headless with Shopify Plus

From Lightspeed to our headless Shopify Plus solution

The Stox Energy team understands that innovation is not only needed when developing their product, but also when developing their e-commerce platform.

STOX Energy Socks are high performance socks that stimulate blood circulation and optimize the oxygen-capacity of your muscles. Their socks ensure that waste fluids will be distributed from your legs faster, resulting in a fitter and more vital feeling.

Having an innovation driven mindset helped the team to decide that headless commerce was the best way forward for Stox Energy. With specific wishes regarding progressive web app (PWA) capabilities, optimised site speeds as well as an optimised multi-currency and multi-language setup for Shopify.

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"We believe that innovation not only have to take place when developing our product, but also when developing our e-commerce platform. This is why we decided to go for a headless Shopify Plus solution. Ask Phill successfully migrated us from Lightspeed to their headless Shopify Plus solution. " Caspar Disselhof E-commerce Director

Going Headless on Shopify Plus

We are confident to say that Shopify is the best SaaS e-commerce solution around, but even the best platform has its drawbacks. By utilising the best of Shopify and the best of Prismic CMS in combination with Gatsby we are able to develop blazing fast e-commerce platforms.

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