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Why are we a Shopify Plus Partner?

Why are we a Shopify Plus partner? Ask Phill

Seb Harris

4 minute read13 Apr 2023

We’re a Shopify Plus Partner because we truly believe in the Shopify platform. We want to raise the industry standard for ecommerce design and development, working on the most advanced, future-facing ecommerce projects on the web. Shopify is the best platform to achieve this.  

Our journey

Even way back in 2016 when we first started building ecommerce stores, we could see Shopify’s potential. From our very first experiences on the platform, we were confident it would become the industry leading ecommerce development tool, and we wanted to become a global leader in Shopify development.

Starting out with smaller projects on Shopify & Shopify Advanced, we quickly worked our way up to Shopify Plus projects for larger ecommerce businesses. With an early portfolio of high-quality development work exploring the full potential of the Shopify Plus platform, we received Shopify Plus Partner accreditation and we haven't looked back since.

Today, we’re on the hunt to work with the largest ecommerce businesses worldwide. And there’s no better place to be than Shopify. For the past year or so the platform has transitioned itself into a new phase: whereas once it was the ideal platform to nurture small businesses, now it’s the go-to destination for massive, established companies to accelerate their growth.

Commerce Components by Shopify, and many more of the platform updates from Shopify Winter Editions ‘23, point to this shift in accommodating the world’s biggest businesses on the Shopify platform. As a Shopify Plus Partner, we’re in the best position to work with them.

What is a Shopify Plus Partner?

So what exactly is a Shopify Plus Partner, you ask?

Shopify Plus Partners are tried and tested Shopify development agencies. They’ve passed a rigorous examination process, giving evidence of numerous Shopify Plus development projects that have resulted in increased user experience and business growth.

The Shopify platform officially recognises all Shopify Plus Partners on the Shopify Plus Partner directory, giving prospective clients a global overview of the best Shopify development agencies. 

They’re not to be confused with Shopify Experts. Shopify Expert is a lower bracket certificate that near enough any Shopify development agency can attain. Only Shopify Plus Partners are vetted for their work, making them the more reliable agency choice. For more information on Shopify Plus Partners, read our article on choosing the right agency for your project.

Why are we a Shopify Plus partner 2 Ask Phill Why are we a Shopify Plus partner 2 Ask Phill

What is Shopify?

If you’ve got this far without knowing what Shopify is, here’s a quick reminder. Shopify is the world’s favourite ecommerce platform. It offers a unique, out-of-the-box solution that over the past 15 years has democratised the D2C ecommerce landscape.

With Shopify’s technology, anyone can build a website for their ecommerce business, regardless of their technical knowledge or expertise. Shopify’s famous drop and drag website builder offers powerful, effective ecommerce solutions that have grown countless ecommerce businesses from startups to industry leaders.

Shopify stores are fully hosted, secured and automatically maintained, right out of the box. No other ecommerce platform on the market offers this package, and Shopify merchants enjoy a hassle-free ecommerce experience that gives them more time to focus on optimising their business.

Shopify has the most forward-thinking technical team of any ecommerce platform worldwide, with continuous cycles of platform updates and new features. Since 2021 we’ve all been living in the era of Shopify 2.0, with multilingual stores primed for global scaling built natively on the platform.

By employing a team of specified Shopify developers, brands can build the most sophisticated ecommerce stores on the web. Headless architecture on Shopify Plus is a high-technical development practice that extends Shopify’s capabilities to near limitless possibilities. Whereas once it was a workaround to overcome specific challenges for Shopify merchants, now the practice sits at the very heart of Shopify’s operations.

With the launch of Shopify Hydrogen & Oxygen, headless development is one of the platform’s key branches, giving Shopify merchants the scope to build fully flexible ecommerce experiences. 

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is the enterprise-level package. It offers transaction fee perks that are financially beneficial to ecommerce companies with a turnover in the highest bracket. It costs a pretty penny - starting at €2000 a month - but the lower fees per transaction make it financially beneficial once a company is taking over a certain amount. For the full explanation on when an ecommerce company should consider Shopify Plus over Shopify Advanced, read our article here.

But it’s not all financial benefit. Shopify Plus merchants have access to exclusive features and add-ons, giving them more flexible and customisable stores. For development agencies, Shopify Plus projects are the preferable because they offer the greatest creative and technical possibility.

Shopify Plus should be the guiding north star for all smaller ecommerce businesses. The platform is set up for brands to grow seamlessly from Shopify to Advanced to Plus, rewarding them at each milestone. For more info and advice on when to make the jump to Shopify Plus, get in touch with our team today for a free consultation!

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