Started from the bottom

Paul and Martijn Guangzhou fair in China

How it all started

In 2016, Martijn and Paul set off to the Canton Fair in Gangzhou, China. With a cheap boarding pass in hand and entrepreneurial ambitions in their heads.

Who is Phill? Ask Phill

Who is Phill?

Limited English made navigating the city tough. Behind China's firewall, Google couldn't guide them. Luckily, hotel manager Phill came to the rescue. They knew they could Ask Phill. An idea was born.

Return to Amsterdam - About Us Ask Phill

Return to Amsterdam

Inspired by Phill, the pair knew they could help D2C brands find their way and achieve their goals. Shopify was an emerging platform in Europe, and exactly the right tool for the job.

Building expertise

Fast forward a few years to 2018, we stepped up as Europe's first ecommerce agency to master headless builds on Shopify Plus and to join the ranks as a Shopify Plus partner.

Embrace change

As Shopify has evolved, so have we. We've expanded our expertise to embrace a versatile approach. Not only do we excel in both headless and Shopify Native builds, but we've also launched a new Shopify consultancy department.

We build the next

Since 2016, our team has expanded from 2 to 60+ digital natives, and we have guided 150+ commerce brands to Shopify. Our ambition is global, and we collaborate with the most inspiring brands on their commerce journey to success.

Ask Phill team members Ask Phill team members


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    From day one

    Since 2016, Ask Phill has held on to core beliefs that shape our culture, keeping us fresh, future-focused, and always propelling the agency forward.

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    Digital natives

    We work with tech natives—those who know their way around an API, who know their SaaS from their CMS, and who understand the limitations of software, yet are bold enough to push beyond them.

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    We're a global team

    Our team spans nations and embraces cultures, growing in diversity with every new direction we explore. Celebrating a wide spectrum of ideas and interests isn't just what we do—it's a core value that propels us on our mission to become the world’s leading ecommerce agency.

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    We thrive on learning

    We're constantly evolving with the industry. Encouraging skill development and innovation, our journey is one of bold experimentation and learning from failure.