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Shopify’s checkout is the best in the world

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Seb Harris

5 minute read23 May 2023

Independent research from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that Shopify’s checkout converts up to 36% better than other leading ecommerce checkouts.

According to the research, brands using Shopify saw:

Higher conversion than the competition - 15% average increase, with some cases up to 36%.

Using Shop Pay - the one-click express checkout - brought a 50% boost in conversion and 5% more completed checkouts.

These figures result from Shopify’s 4 key checkout advantages.

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Identity network

Using Shop Pay enters brands into an network of over 100 million high-intent, high-value buyers. These buyers have opted into a one-click checkout that pre-fills all information and makes the checkout process 4x faster.

These customers are automatically recognised by the Shopify store as soon as they hit the storefront, creating a seamless experience from start to finish.

No other ecommerce platform offers this number of opted-in customers, marking Shopify’s checkout experience as the best in town.


Shopify powers around 10% of all ecommerce in the U.S, supported 561 million unique online shoppers in 2022 alone and has processed over half a trillion dollars of GMV.

In other words, they’ve got heaps of experience. Every transaction gives them another opportunity to learn from customer data and improve their checkout experience. And by now, they’ve gathered enough data to make theirs the industry’s best

Consumer trust

With hundreds of millions of costumes using it every year, the look and feel of the Shopify checkout has become very familiar.

Seamless, fast and unfussy, the familiarity and comfort using Shopify’s checkout has built exceptional trust, leading to boosted conversion rates. 


Shopify have more people working on improving the checkout experience alone, than other ecommerce platforms have working on their entire ecommerce solution.

But most importantly, they don’t keep the checkout locked off. Shopify merchants are granted access to all the essential components, allowing them to customise according to their needs. With the brand new checkout extensibility, you can mix and match bespoke code with no-code solutions to build checkout solutions that are completely tailored to your business.

Who are BCG?

One of the Big Three global management consultancies, Boston Consulting Group is a global firm that helps organisations grow by building sustainable advantages over their competitors. They’re focused on driving positive societal change and delivering field-leading research in various fields, including AI, the future of work, climate change & sustainability, and business resilience.

Their methods and outcomes are respected throughout the world, and their findings on Shopify’s help cement the platform’s position as the best of the best.

Shopify merchants are statistically more likely to have improved conversion rates than competitors on different platforms. So what are you waiting for? Put yourself in the best position possible and make the switch to Shopify today.

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